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Public Relations


Efficient communication with stakeholders.

Establishing effective and targeted communication policies can be the key distinction of any business. The role of Central Press is to identify its clients’ stakeholders and develop an action plan to build a relationship with these people and/or institutions.

We also make use of the know-how of Agency Brazil, a Central Press’ strategic partner and one of the ten largest Public Relations office in the United Kingdom – with offices in London, Doha (Qatar), Boston and New York.


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What is the good of promoting a brand in one place, if your audience is in another? Communicating strategically requires a thorough understanding of the target audience and using the right tools to build a trustworthy relationship.


Communicating in an efficient way with each type of audience is one of the main challenges nowadays. Whether the audience is internal or external, they have their own profiles and require a different strategy, with its own system.


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