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Central Press offers personalized solutions for communication, aligned to the strategies of the clients’ brand, with an excellent cost-benefit.

The development of our projects happens in three phases, all carried out in a practical way, with ethics and agility. 


Before we implement the action plan, we analyse the client needs, the brand and its reputation (Brand Analytics), the business’ opportunities (Business Insight), consumers profile and their wishes and needs (Consumer Analytics), the online and social media presence (Digital Analytics), besides monitoring the brand and its competition on communication channels (Media Audit)All this information is included in the briefing, so we can define our goals and reach effective results.


We use the most efficient tools to put into practice the communication plan.

Branded Content

  Personalized content production for the brand (Branded Content), in...

Digital Communication

    Customized content creation, creative design, social media...

Marketing and Branding

  Planning and consulting. Uniquely positioning the brand –...

Media Training

  How to interact with the Brazilian press and...

Press Office

  Communication is essential for brands to establish a...

Reputation and Crisis Management

    Agility, ethics and transparency. These are the...


Communication is a process that feeds on itself. Therefore, it’s important to analyse the results of actions, to indicate the strengths and weaknesses, to determine new goals and reinforce even more the brand positioning.


In this partnership, initiated in 2008, Central Press contributed a lot in the hard task of explaining what is cooperativism and its values to the society.
Foto de André Alves de Assis

André Alves de Assis
Manager of Communications and Marketing of Sicredi