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Digital Communication



Customized content creation, creative design, social media management and web campaigns (advertising).

Having competent internet presence is one of the most efficient ways to achieve business success. Nowadays, there are more and more people connected; therefore, uniquely positioning products and services on the web is essential for the success of corporations. Central Press creates digital communication strategies aligned with the brand purpose in order to establish communication and, consequently, lead to business (leads).


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Every day, more people connect to the internet, via either computer, tablet or smartphone. In addition, the information systems help companies find people. However, from that time on, it is necessary to establish strong and lasting connections.


Communicating strategically is even more important than having digital presence (on the Internet and in Social Media). Central Press identifies the brand's stakeholders and creates an action plan (digital communication planning), aligning the form, the content and establishing communication with these personas.


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